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hockey intensive

At our on-site, state-of-the-art South Kent School rink

typical day

Next Level Summer Academy Hockey

With 3 hours of ice time each day the NLSA Hockey Intensive program provides our players with lots of time to work on skill building, position training, and games. 


Our professional coaches will work with your child to improve their skills through:

  • power skating drills

  • edge work

  • stickhandling

  • shooting

Our great camper to coach ratio lets us work with your child on areas they want to improve and tailor the instruction to each individual.


We also work through competition where you child will improve their hockey IQ, game-sense and have a better understanding of their position and what is expected of them on the ice.


Goalie Training

For several hours each week our Goalie Coaches join us on the ice to run the NLSA goalies through specific training sessions.  Each goalie will improve their style of play and most importantly face many, many shots - which every goalie wants and needs to improve.


We also go through dynamic stretching and dry-land training each day to improve each athlete's overall fitness.


Our goal is for each NLSA Hockey player to learn something about their game, improve their skill and overall become a better hockey player by the end of the week!

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