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camp programs

Campers choose a “major” from our Intensive Program and work closely with expert coaches for approximately 3.5 hours per day, developing individual and team skills crucial to a player’s growth. Time is also devoted to agility, speed, and conditioning to ensure that athletes are strong, fit, and confident when the game is on the line.


Our Elective Program ensures that our campers get the most out of their experience, providing them with additional time in the areas that they enjoy most and an opportunity to experience activities they have always wanted to try.

What is an Intensive and What is an Elective?

Intensive Sports

Our sports intensives include...
Ice Hockey • Basketball • Soccer • Flag Football


 At enrollment, each camper selects one intensive per week, from our sports or enrichment option. Each camper will choose their major for the week.  Every day, campers will participate in their intensive for about 3 hours. The intensives are designed to offer professional instruction so each camper will develop their skill, conditioning, and knowledge (“game sense”) to improve their performance. 


Our coaches have many years of experience in their sport and have many assistant coaches at camp to provide support so our coach-to-player ratio is exceptional. 


Our goal at the end of every week is that each camper feels they are better equipped to train for and perform in their sport and they have learned something that will propel them into their season.

intensive option


Campers individualize their experience by choosing two activities every day from a list of options.  We make sure campers get the activities they want, and we always add new electives as they are requested. We give each camper control over their experience and allow them to create their best summer ever.


We’ve highlighted some of the most popular electives available for your camper.

Our list of possible activities includes:

tennis, flag football, fishing, arts & crafts, swimming, beach volleyball, street hockey, lawn games (spike ball, can-jam, cornhole), speed and agility, yoga, sports broadcasting, ping pong, slip-n-slide, and more. 

Evening Activites

Nights at Next Level are a very special time when the entire camp comes together. Each evening is more epic than the last.


Every week, campers enjoy some of Next Level Summer Academy classics like our Welcome Campfire. The rest of the week we mix it up with camper favorites to be sure they are smiling.

typical day

A Typical Day

7:30 am: Wake Up

8:00 am: Breakfast

8:30 am: Back to dorms for clean up and get ready for the day

9 to 1030 am: Intensive

10:45 to 11:45 am: Elective

12:00 to 12:45 pm: Lunch

12:50 to 1:45 pm: Rest Hour

1:50 to 3 pm: Elective #2

3:15 to 5 pm: Intensive Part 2

5 to 5:45 pm: Free Swim

6 pm: Dinner

7 pm: Evening Activity

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